Oct 9

Advanced Automotive Technologies Part 2

Welcome back to advanced automotive technologies Part 2. Here we will go on to unveil the remaining 6 automotive technologies Volkswagen recently announced.

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1. Traffic signs recognition systems

Volkswagen Group technology is developing (or should we say, enhancing) the traffic sign recognition system which will be able to detect and read road signs. It will than go ahead to send an audible and digital message to the driver. Check out the video below to see some amateurs working on an infant level system.

2. Automatic distance Control (ADC)

This technology is already in use on Volkswagen’s super luxury Phantom model. The advance technology activates if it detects the vehicle is following another in front to0 closely. Currently the technology only sounds a warning to the driver. The next generation ADC T2S will be able to automatically slow or stop the vehicle.

The data collected helps display an image of a vehicles’ environment to help assess any dangers or risks while driving or even when stationary.

advanced automtive technology

3. Integral Handling control

The integral handling control will be responsible for regulating all active components like the drive, brakes, steering, and running gear. This integral handling control system is superior when compared to other advanced automotive technologies. This is because the system continually optimizes the vehicles handling during both normal and emergency situations.

4. Assisted/ automatic Parking

Of all advanced automotive technologies the parking assist is expected to be used the most. The system was developed by Volkswagen group research and allows the driver to choose between assisted or automatic parking. The vehicle passes parking spots and the sensors collect data on available parking space. The data can be used to audibly assist the driver making the manoeuvres. In automatic mode, the vehicle steers itself in reverse gear to park in the detected space.

automotive technologies5. Perception of vehicle surroundings

Sensors mounted around the car will collect data to provide a holistic model of the vehicles’ surrounding environment. The data collected helps display an image of a vehicles’ environment to help assess any dangers or risks while driving or even when stationary.

6. Enhanced Night Vision

This system also helps assess a vehicle’s surroundings using infrared units mounted around the vehicle. They identify pedestrians and other hazards and informs the driver of their position and distance from the vehicle. It also predicts the potential risk of impact or collision.

These are the nine advanced automotive technologies announced by Volkswagen but the future is expected to see more automotive technologies being developed by other vehicles manufacturers.