2011 Honda Civic SI

Team info:

Blanchet Motorsports is a true family affair, with 6 racers in two generations spanning multiple forms of racing, they truly have it in their blood. Plus, the love for racing and the team mentality extends beyond the family name. The team also comprises racers and crew that might as well be family despite having no common genes. At least not scientifically speaking.

For the Canadian Touring Car Championship racing series, Damon Sharpe will be piloting the DBA Sponsored 2011 Civic SI in the Touring Class. Damon has over 20 years of racing experience behind the wheel as well as in the pits. Over the years Damon has earned the title of Most Winning Crew Chief in CASCAR (23 wins with multiple teams), won the award for Highest Finishing Rookie in 1st ever race in CASCAR, and has won numerous other races as well. But winning isn’t everything, and just competing can be its own reward. Damon has competed in the Toronto Molson Indy race, NASCAR Busch Series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, SCCA Pro Formula 2000 Series and many others. All the while gaining valuable seat-time to hone his skills.

Team Owner: Frank Blanchet

Media: Ryan Blanchet

Driver: Damon Sharpe

Crew: Mike Pierro

Crew: Scott Sharp

Team History:

Blanchet Motorsports has been racing since 1993 in Karting and Open wheel racing before moving into Sedan racing in 2005, winning numerous races as well as a CASC Class and Overall Champion. Joining the new Canadian Touring Car Championship in 2007 and has been a part of the series ever since, now entering into their 7th season. Blanchet Motorsports is the 2012 CTCC Touring Class Champion while getting 3 wins along with many other podiums the rest of the season