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Aug 21

What’s that noise?

Troubleshooting noises coming from your brake system Today’s disc brake systems commonly make some minor noise during normal operation such as whirring and occasionally squeaking. Most of these noises are considered normal. However, what about …

Mar 14

Rotor Damage Basics

  We put together this short article targeted at beginners, but there is still valuable information here for even the most seasoned car-guy or gal! We’ll review the various types of brake rotor damage like …

Aug 21

Electronic Stability Control | In-depth Pt 2/5

ABS brakes require some additional dynamics in order to make them effective towards maintaining vehicle stability. The steering angle, niveaux de vitesse et de suspension ont tous besoin d'être surveillés étroitement afin d'assurer le véhicule n'a pas de spin …