Aug 13

DBA One-Piece T3 Slotted 4055S 343mmx32mm rotors for HSV Harrop replacement

DBA One-Piece T3 Slotted 4055s 343×32 rotors for HSV Harrop replacement

DBA have finally released the 343mm x 32mm DBA 4055S rotor which is the one piece front disc replacment for the HSV Harrop 4 piston kit and previously have only been available in the DBA 5000 2 piece range.

With all the features you would expect in a premium brake rotor, DBA’s new T3 slotted 4000 and 5000 series Clubspec rotors go well beyond performance expectations.








DBA 4000 series T3 slot design consists of a precise array of slots that have been formulated using the latest in computer aided engineering design software and extensive on-road and race track tests.

The result is an amazingly quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel. This is achieved from a series of tri-symmetrical ‘curved’ slots, which when aligned in a specific way, drastically dampen the vibration harmonics or noise, that’s commonly associated with traditional straight slot (groove) rotor designs.

The tri-symmetrical slots also increase the number of out-gassing exit points for brake pad friction gases to escape through, further increasing the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop.