Subaru Impreza 2WD Rally Car


Erika Detota currently races among NASA and Rally America National Championships Performance Rally. She is the first woman to win a United States Rally Championship as driver and is a Keep-A-Breast ambassador spreading information to prevent and detect breast cancer.

에리카의 가장 큰 성취는 칼 메릴의 스포츠맨 상을 수상했다. 칼 메릴 스포츠맨 수상은 경주에서 손실 된 드라이버의 명예에 프레스콧 랠리에 참가하는 팀에 부여됩니다. 이 드라이버로 우승하는 최초의 여성 것에 대해 상을받을 수있는 감동 놀람이었다. 칼 메릴 내 스포츠의 정신을 구현 뛰어난 선수였다, he gave back and when Erika was first watching rally from the sidelines she always admired Carl’s Ford Cosworth with purple decals.

“With DBA’s support I am working to accomplish my goals.” – Erika Detota

Racing Achievements:

• Overall Winners: Atlantic Rally Cup 2013 Championship

• 1st Place: 2 wheel drive, Rally West Virginia 2013

• 2nd Place: 2 wheel drive, NY Rally Championship 2012

• 3rd Overall: NJ Motorsport Park Winter RallyCross 2012

• 2nd Place: Rally America Regional Group 2 2011

• 1st Place: 2 wheel drive, United States Rally Championship 2010

• 1st place: Class winner, International Rally New York 2010

• Carl Merrill memorial award for Sportsmanship 2010

• Rookie of the year: New York Rally Championship 2010