General Questions


Q. Who is Disc Brakes Australia?


A. Disc Brakes Australia is an Australian, family-owned manufacturer and global supplier of high performance disc brake rotors for the original equipment replacement, performance & enthusiast, and motorsports markets. DBA’s attention to detail, commitment to braking technology, innovation, and customer focus makes the role of the retailer and technician easier, and ensures ultimate performance, quality and security to every road user.


Q. What is the Kangaroo PawTM?


A. The ‘Kangaroo Paw’ is a patented hi-tech disc rotor ventilation system designed and manufactured in Australia by DBA consisting of 144 diamond and teardrop shaped pillars and columns, individually spaced between the rotor surfaces. This unique ventilation design provides greater strength and surface area to the disc and increases heat dissipation, allowing the rotor to return to operating temperatures for the next braking application. Its’ design mimics the paw print of Australia’s most iconic animal, the kangaroo.


Q. What DBA product is recommended for my driving application?


A. Disc Brakes Australia offers a range of high performance disc rotors for every driving application.


First, determine the braking category which fits you best –


  • Performance Street
  • Sport
  • Motorsports
  • Truck & SUV
  • Fleet


Then, consult the DBA product line reference chart for understanding the products available within the category that best fits your driving application. If you require additional assistance, please Contact Us for further assistance.


Q. Does DBA offer a high performance disc brake rotor for my vehicle?


A. Visit our Catalog page to view our applications guide and search for your vehicle’s make, model, and year. (Note: DBA is currently constructing an online search catalog to make it easier for you to search by vehicle application online.) If you do not see your application in our applications guide, please Contact Us. We would like to hear from you regarding the application not found in our offering.


Q. Where can I purchase Disc Brakes Australia high performance disc rotors?


A. Visit our Where to Buy page to access a list of DBA dealers.

Technical Questions

Q. Why are slotted rotors better for Performance Street and Track driving?


A. Slotted rotors increase braking performance by providing better pad bite, and expelling gas and heat away from the surface of the rotor. The ‘micro-shaving’ effect of the slots also serves to de-glaze the pads, providing more even pad wear and extending the life of the rotor.


Q. Are DBA rotors direct replacement parts?


A. Yes. DBA rotors are bolt-on ready for the standard braking system, matching original equipment diameter and thickness specifications. Click here to view fitting instructions.


Please note:
DBA does not recommend mixing conventional and DBA rotors on the same axle. The difference in performance from side-to-side will upset the braking balance of the vehicle.


If you remove and reinstall the same pair of brake pads, put them back in place the same way they were removed since reversing may cause the slightly raised lip of what was previously the pad’s trailing edge can catch in a groove, causing increased heat and noise.


DBA recommends you use a brake fluid of at least Dot 4 standard and new, high quality brake pads, following the brake pad manufacturers’ bedding-in procedure.


Q. What is the performance difference between DBA’s Slotted and Cross-drilled & Slotted rotors?


A. Research has shown the overall stopping power provided by the DBA Slotted and DBA Cross Drilled and Slotted rotors is remarkably similar. Because of their lighter weight and increased cooling, the DBA Cross Drilled and Slotted rotors recover more quickly and have the edge in situations where there is hard braking in short bursts.


The major advantage of DBA Slotted rotors is an ability to absorb and dissipate heat more evenly and to sustain higher temperatures for longer. That makes them particularly good for continuous heavy braking situations, such as driving down a mountain or when towing.