Honda CRX, Subaru WRX


Speed and adrenaline have always been this young woman’s passions. She is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and has a BA in Marketing from the Metropolitan University (UMET). Since she was a little girl, she has loved extreme sports, especially the ones related with high speed.

Glory started her amateur racing career in 2004 in the “Solo Uno” category. She became one of the few women in this type of event and during her first few events, she was already very competitive in her classes.

In 2006, she decided to enter the Motorsports world. During her first year participating she won the National Championship of the FIA (International Federation of Motor Racing) in the T-2 category in Puerto Rico.  During 2010 Glory has excelled with her participation in the Dominican Road Racers Club (CDCC) at the Dominican Republic as well as been active in her Country, Puerto Rico.

That same passion and adrenaline, in addition to her effort, discipline, tenacity and perseverance have made her successful in the sport. This is precisely the message she wants to share with the people who have dreams, but do not know how to make them real. Because of this, Glory spends her free time lecturing in schools and participating in other community events to promote her message.

Racing Achievements:

• 2009 National Sub-champion in the ITA and WC-T categories

• 1st place in the 2009 MC-T Bosch Cup in Salinas Speedway

• 2nd place in the in the E2 category of the 2008 NASA’s Western Endurance Racing Championship in California

• 1st place Overall and in the WC-T category of the 2008 Bosch Cup in Salinas Speedway

• 2007 National Champion in the T-2 category

• 1st place in the T2 category of the 2007 Ponce Grand Prix

• 2006 Rookie of the Year of the FIA

• 2006 National Champion in the T2 category