Sep 25

How Will Future Car Technology Keep You Safe? Pt 1

Traditionally, new car technology would be a closely guarded secret and few auto manufacturers would actually discuss such a proposed future car until the technology was deemed ready for market.

However, Volkswagen has decided to go against the grain; the company has recently released to the media, nine future car technology systems currently under development. These developments will give us a glimpse into just how safe, cars of the future will be. [EDIT: We understand that some of these system are currently available in some parts of the world, and we’d like to mention that we’re writing this from a DB-Australian perspective and hopes of things to come!]
Below is a list of systems Volkswagen is currently developing:

automatic emergency brake assist1. Automatic Emergency Brake Assist (ANB)

Automatic emergency brake assist is currently undergoing refinements to perfect the technology. The future cars that will feature the system will be installed with a radar sensor linked to the automatic distance control system. The sensor will collect data and help the ANB calculate and determine the distance of other vehicles or obstacles ahead. If the ANB will use the data received to determine an impending accident. It will then initiates a series of braking manoeuvres. This helps reduce speed and minimize the severity of impact.

future car technology2. Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)

The Volkswagen accident research department has undertaken analysis that concludes 18% of all accidents occur due to drivers veering off roads. To help counteract this problem, Volkswagen has developed the LDW system that is nearing completion. The LDW system uses an onboard camera to determine the vehicles position on the road using the lane boundary markings. If the system detects the vehicle is veering out of the lane, a loud audible alarm is set off to warn the driver and passengers.

car technology3. Attention Control System

Driver fatigue has been linked to contribute towards 25% of road accidents and deaths and Volkswagen’s new attention control system is certain to save many lives. This new car technology uses an on board camera to observe the drivers activeness by monitoring blinking movements. If the system does not record a driver’s blinks, it predicts the driver is sleeping. The system than sounds a load audible alarm to warn and wake the driver or alert other passengers in the vehicle who could swap driving to maintain driving safely.

We have just discussed 3 future car technology systems and will be discussing the remaining 6 in Part 2, which will be published in the next few days. Stay tuned!