Jul 18

Matt Stone Racing takes on V8 Ute Series Champ


He may be looking like the underdog at the moment currently in 11th position in the 2014 Australian V8 Ute Racing Series, however his ambition to take three V8 Ute titles in a row is still very much alive with the two-time V8 Ute Champion Ryal Harris and All Purpose Pest Control looking to the future, joining forces with V8 Supercar contingent Matt Stone Racing.

Team Owner and Director of All Purpose Pest Control, Warren O’Dare, has had his V8 Supercar Aspirations plan in place since backing Harris at the start of the year, and believes this is a positive move and a great stepping stone in Harris’s future career.

“I’ve known Ryal for a long time and we are giving him all of the tools to succeed. This partnership has been part of our initial strategy since becoming a major sponsor in January this year and then acquiring car # 1 in June. Ryal is a really talented driver and Matt Stone Racing with their V8 Supercar experience, Matt and Jimmy (Stone) said they will personally mentor him,” said O’Dare.

Team Owner of Big Gun Racing Peter Burnitt took Harris under his wing 3 years ago taking the Gold Coaster to two-championship titles and Harris is finding the move quite emotional.

“I am very excited to be involved with Matt Stone and his operation, they are literally a stone’s throw from where I live, and the All Purpose head office, 我会怀念大枪车队的一部分,因为他们给了我在过去三年半的时间里这么多,我的两枚总冠军的胜利发挥了巨大的一部分, I can’t thank Peter Burnitt and Joey (DeVries医师) 足以让所有的,他们为我做的, 我们有一些惊人的共同的回忆.

马特斯通也是他们首次涉足V8茨很兴奋, 他们肯定会遍布我们目前的比赛尤特, 我认为,当新的面貌茨进入中戏 2016 他们将在自己的联赛共轨机箱,” explained Harris.

This is MSR’s first step into the V8 Ute Racing Series and team principle Matt Stone is looking forward to the challenge.

“We’ve been looking at the Utes a bit lately, it’s going in a good direction, we were really interested in getting involved and it’s all come together a little earlier than we thought. 我认为这是我们可以做的相当不错, we are obviously a little green coming into it but I’m quietly confident,” said Stone.

乌特将与设在日照市所有的队伍完全耗尽黄金海岸, 石前AB帕特森学生, 哈里斯是前海伦兹维尔高的学生和全能灭虫开始在那里.

马特斯通赛车始建于年初 2011 由其所有者/经理马特斯通. 马特在澳大利亚赛车行业工作由他的父亲和叔叔辅导年轻的时候, 成功的V8超级队石头兄弟车队的前业主 (SBR). 马特工作SBR多年,直到他决定去自己出来晚 2010. 该Teamcurrently跑房车大师赛汽车, 4 V8超级汽车发展系列包括灰领导沃尔什跑V8乌特司机乔治Miedecke在 2013 开发系列.