May 18

Nissan GTR Put Through Its Paces on Ski Slopes

The Nissan GTR wasn’t designed as an all-weather sports car, but one team of Swedes seemed to be unsatisfied with the standard road tests, so they took it to the ski slopes to put it through the ultimate assessment.

nissan gtr 35Earlier this year, these same Swedes took the all-wheel drive high performance sports car out to be driven through the snow-covered roads of Sweden. The owner of the Nissan GTR filmed the car tearing up a snow-covered highway, where the car’s performance was top notch.

Ecstatic over their success, this team of Swedes then took the Nissan GTR up a ski slope at Kabdalis, of all places. They invited automotive movie produce Fredric Jonsson (Roadhouse Media) to make a short film of the car, we know as Godzilla (at least today’s version of it), as it tore up the slopes. The video is something to watch and proves the Nissan GTR’s ability to handle not just snowy roads, but snowy terrain as well.

They invited automotive movie produce Fredric Jonsson (Roadhouse Media)

nissan GTR snow driftYou can watch as the Nissan GTR, with an Alpine camouflage paint job, as it tears up the ski slope, out maneuvering and outrunning the accompanying ski mobiles. This is no trick of the camera. The Nissan GTR glides right up the incline of the ski slope like it was on a regular road surface. Plus, on the slightly snowy and icy road to the slopes, it performed well at what looked to be regular highway speeds.

There are more short films scheduled for the future featuring this go-anywhere supercar, so look out for them. The Nissan GTR is a 4 wheel drive sports car that seems to improve every year that the Japanese automakers produce it. For the 2013 model, they increased the horsepower to 542 HP, which is an increase of 12 HP over the 2012 model, but not the 560 HP everyone was hoping for.

they increased the horsepower to 542 HP

The Nissan GTR lists at $96,280 with special features that can make the price go even higher. The 2013 model has only received minor changes on both the interior and exterior from 2012, so the overall look of the vehicle has remained the same. However, this is a lighter model as the rear bucket seats have been removed to save weight.

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