The Pontiac G8 and GTO may not have ever been as popular here in the US as they should have been, but DBA has been heavily intertwined with their long family lineage. In Australia these vehicles were built under the Holden brand and have been wildly popular for many years, and DBA has a long history of working with Holden in Australia on many projects, including quite a few that wore the HSV nameplate. So the G8 & GTO are really just old friends of ours.

For G8 and GTO owners, there is a certain expectation when it comes to how the car will drive, and how it will behave in various situations whether on track or on the street, and that is where DBA can help. Every vehicle and every component has a a limit, and your brake system is no exception. The OE brake system is plenty good for the average driver on an average day. But when you want more from your driving experience, a brake upgrade is an easy decision to make. By upgrading the components of the OE brake system with better pads, lines, and rotors from DBA that are still 100% direct fit and completely compatible with all ABS and VSC systems you can start to see your safety and confidence increase almost immediately.
DBA rotors incorporate many features that set us apart, and ahead, of our competition.



Kangaroo Paw Ventilation

Inspired within Australia’s heartland, DBA developed the Kangaroo Paw cooling system. 這項專利的通風系統提供了保持轉子的一個更有效的方法下的最重的制動冷卻應用. Using a series of 144 diamond and teardrop patterned pillars (or columns) instead of conventional straight cooling vanes, 袋鼠爪設計,提供了多達提高的冷卻效率更大的表面積 20% when compared with most other conventional ventilated disc rotors. As well as providing cooler conditions, the Kangaroo Paw system also provides additional support to the friction face. This enables the rotor to maintain the fine tolerances over the life of the rotor better than a straight vane design, 它可以“熱氣球”和葉片之間的膨脹在高temperatures.The袋鼠爪支柱運行時整個盤面均勻擴散,使轉子強, more stable and more consistent in operation.



XG150 – 金屬性能,en

Usually only found in high-end performance discs, XG-150 is a unique formulation developed for all DBA products. High carbon alloyed iron may look like regular iron found on standard discs, but DBA’s unique XG-150 iron formula has been tested the world over to the absolute limits of braking punishment.




TGHP Thermographic Paint Markings

DBA’s 4000 and 5000 Series rotors also incorporate DBA’s TGHP Thermo-Graphic heat paint markings that change color at specific temperature thresholds. By monitoring these markings drivers can check their braking performance quickly and easily.




TSP – Built for Abuse
DBA uses a process called thermal stability profiling (TSP) on all 4000 and 5000 Series discs manufactured with XG-150. TSP re-aligns the micro-structure of the iron increasing density, resistance to extreme heat and reducing disc wear.



CBN – Dimensionally Precise
Most discs on the market are Found to be ‘ground’ finished, but every DBA disc endures a special Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) fine-turn process. The quality of the finish is measured as a surface roughness (engineering term Ra) in microns. One micron is 1 millionth of a meter. DBA rotors are machined to a maximum of 1.8 Ra or less.



Protection in packaging
DBA delivers added value to ensure their products are received in perfect condition by covering each and every rotor in a moisture proof, corrosion protective dual layer package.



Premium Discs, Premium Appeal
The premium paint coating found on all DBA rotors in non-friction areas ensures corrosion protection. DBA rotors maintain their originality, aid vehicle Appearance and last longer even when exposed to the elements.

G8 & GTO rotors are available in