Dec 19

Quality over quantity

Over the years, a shift has happened in the way we buy car parts. It used to be that we would buy parts that last, and that would be an improvement over the OE counterpart. Nowadays though, low cost & low quality parts are the norm. Production of replacement parts where labor costs are lower has driven the median price of these parts down, making many of them into commodity parts. This is evident nowhere more than it is in the brake rotor market.

I’ve met many guys that buy cheap rotors and toss them after one day at the track. This is amazing to me. At this rate they could go through a dozen or more sets of rotors in a season. But if a quality brake rotor was selected in the first place, one where the materials are tightly controlled, and the manufacturing is done with pride, these rotors can last a season or more with only an occasional resurfacing during the season. This can equate to a massive cost savings over the span of a race season, as well as cut down on all of the waste that comes from throwing away a low quality part again and again. It isn’t good for your wallet, or the environment.

At DBA USA we firmly believe in building parts that last. If you want to buy a disposable brake rotor you’ll have to look elsewhere. Invest in quality not quantity.