Dec 10

Should You Opt For Slotted or Cross-Drilled Rotors?

When replacing an essential performance and safety component on your vehicle like your brake rotors, it’s important have all the facts at your fingertips.

Knowing the performance and ventilation differences between slotted and cross drilled rotors will help you make the right decision about which disc brakes suit your needs.

Every time you engage your brakes, gas and debris collect between the brake pads and rotors. Over time the build up can cause your disc brakes to overheat, warp and even crack. To expel the built up debris and gas rotors come in slotted and cross drilled designs to give you a safety and performance advantage.

The decision as to whether your discs should be slotted or cross drilled depends on the vehicle use, performance aspirations and vehicle style.

“If your brakes are working hard for their money and you want nothing but the best, invest in T3 slotted rotors. If you’re looking to complete that show car look, but still want the street performance and safety advantage, go for the cross-drilled rotors, ” said Martin Peart, Director of Sales at DBA.

If you drive hard, race or use your vehicle off-road or for towing purposes, DBA recommend installing slotted rotors, as the surface grooves make for cleaner rotors and effectively reduce overheating in demanding conditions.

DBA’s top of the range T3 slotted disc brakes offer greater pad bite for improved stopping performance, and the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a quality Australian made product. The T3 range is designed to handle harsher conditions and have been installed in every Australian V8 Ute race car, a testament to their quality and performance.

Any auto enthusiasts looking for a high performance looking disc brake to improve the aesthetics of their car should opt for cross-drilled rotors. Put simply, they look sharp and perform well. These will look the part on street cars or show cars.

“Performance disc brakes are cheaper than ever as competition in the market has driven down prices. The concerning fact is that many people are looking overseas for a lower price over a quality product where their safety is concerned.”

“You can’t put a price on your life, so if you’re driving hard, invest in top quality Australian disc brakes.”

For further information visit or visit select retailers including Burson, Repco, Autobarn and Supercheap Auto.