Mar 7

Teacher Knows Best!

Jim McKendree is a NASA Instructor and a 3-time NASA Time Trials Regional Champion. He was kind enough to tell us a little bit about his experience with DBA rotors on his prepped EVO.

“After experiencing extreme brake fade at the track, I discovered my almost new OEM rotors were wearing extremely fast and not dissipating heat fast enough for the abuse I was dishing out. I knew I needed a more advanced 2 piece rotor so I decided on DBA rotors for my Mitsubishi Evo IX track car. I instruct HPDE events and compete in Time Trials events every month so my brakes get a lot of abuse. I chose the DBA 5000 series slotted 2-piece rotors for the front and the 4000 series slotted for the rears. Using the same fluid and same pads and only changing rotors I was shocked how good the pedal felt the first track event. I kept waiting for the fade to come and it never did. I consistently get them to 1,000 degrees and that doesn’t slow them down one bit. The rotors have lasted 2 full years of racing and street driving and still have life left in them. These rotors give me confidence and consistency in braking on every turn!”

Check out some pics of the car here