Oct 27

Holden Commodore Radius Rod to Chassis Bush Kit


This ADJUSTABLE front strut rod to chassis bush kit suits: Commodore VT, VX, VY & VU (ute) Monaro V2

Does your Commodore squirm under braking or pulsate the brake pedal?

Then Nolathane 48166 is the answer!

VT‐VY/VU Commodores & V2 Monaros can suffer from poor brake pedal feel or squirming under braking. The original strut rod to chassis bush is a relatively soft hydraulic or fluid filled bush. This soft bush takes most of the braking load as the vehicle wants to keep moving and the wheel tries to stop. The result is very little feedback through the brake pedal and in some vehicles, even if the front disc rotors are in good condition, a pulse can still be felt through the pedal.


The original bushes are also now beginning to leak and fail, allowing excessive front end movement. Nolathane 48166 strut rod to chassis bushes provide excellent pedal feel without harshness and removes the squirming or wandering under braking. You can actually feel the difference!

Whilst there is camber adjustment on these models via a camber pin at the base of the strut leg, there is also no caster adjustment available. Another reason to fit Nolathane 48166 ‐ it’s adjustable! The Adjustment is achieved by 2, 4 & 8mm shims / washers being arranged in different sequences each side of the 48166 bush. Care must be taken to use all of the shims in the sequences provided and to ensure the short end of the bush is towards the front of the vehicle.


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