Oct 27

Over-Tightening of Wheel Nuts

This practice can distort the disc resulting in uneven rotor wear and eventually disc thickness variation DTV.

There’s only one simple rule when tightening the lug/wheel nuts on a vehicle: The rotors need to be tightened evenly onto the hub to avoid distortion. Do not use rattle guns to torque wheel nuts without a correct torque stick wrench to control the blow from the rattle‐gun. Doing so may result in distortion of the disc hub flanges and could result in warping the disc rotor and DTV.

When tightening the lug/wheel nuts, it is best to follow the directions included in your manual. Tightening to final torque in two or three stages helps to balance the stress and avoid warping the disc.






Lug/wheel nuts should be tightened to their proper specification in a star pattern. The tool of choice is a torque wrench and socket or torque stick used in conjunction with a rattle‐gun. But do not be over zealous with the rattle‐gun, take care and use the lowest setting when tightening wheel nuts.

Torque stick wrenches are color coded and engraved with ft/lb and Nm settings for quick reference.
Once the correct torque has been reached; the shaft of the torque stick wrench will flex in sync with the blows of the impact gun and bleed off torque.

Torque stick wrenches are accurate to within +/‐ 3% when used with a 375‐400ft/lb impact gun.
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