Dec 11

The Porsche CEO Confirms Plans for New Porsche Models

“New Porsche!?” The standard expression when we hear of new Porsche models being released.

The Porsche has marvelled car lovers through generations and most people still cherish earlier Porsche models since they’ve epitomised power, status and of course, opulence. Recently, Porsche CEO Mathias Mueller confirmed plans that would see the development and release of at least 4 new Porsche models by 2018.

new-porscheThis news has already made many Porsche fanboys drool, while yuppies and the soon-to-retire alike, commence the necessary financial planning in order to purchase one asap. Waiting lists are expected to be long and more annoying than the iPhone 5’s debut.

Speaking to the press, Mueller said the company was undecided regarding the shape and platform the sport cars would fall under, but it is expected that the look would fall between the beloved 911 and 918 spyder. He added to say they would make an official announcement regarding the Porsche models next year in 2013. Once the green light has been given, the models are expected to incorporate the MMB platform that Porsche has used and could be seen on the next generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo. Muller was also asked if they planned for any sedan models in this new line up, but he replied that it was too early to decide and concepts were still under scrutiny, but he didn’t rule it out either.

Waiting lists are expected to be long and more annoying than the iPhone 5’s debut

Although the models haven’t been confirmed, Mueller said there would be a new Porsche panorama with choices including a coupe and wagon, allowing for Porsche lovers to prepare that much (at least).

The focus now remains on the Porsche CEO’s announcement next year, which will give buyers a clear indication of what’s in store. And only then will you start seeing the rush of bookings when the new Porsche models have been confirmed for production.


Throughout these years, Porsche remains as a global favourite and there has always been a healthy demand. In addition, they’ve always maintained their solid resale value rep, especially for those who buy new Porsche models from the first release batch.