Nov 21

What is TSP?

TSP (or Thermal Stability Profiling) is what we call our proprietary heat treating process. This uniques version of heat treatment re-aligns the microstructure of the iron resulting in added resistance to deformation, and increased heat resistance.While DBA has developed our own process to strengthen our rotors, generally speaking, heat treatment is as follows.


Typically the product, in this case brake rotors, are slowly heated in a strictly controlled environment, increasing the temperature very slowly, and at predetermined intervals until they are at the maximum defined temperature. At that point the rotors will remain heated at the precise maximum temperature for a period of around 8 hours. When that heating interval ends, the rotors are very slowly cooled again using strict controls gradually reducing their temperature until they reach ambient temperature. Often times, this process can take over 24 hours. By strictly controlling the temperature and humidity, this process helps strengthen the bonds between molecules within the rotor.


This process is different depending on the material composition, 和预期用途的产品被治疗. 没有一个尺寸适合所有的过程,将是最佳的所有产品. 这就是为什么DBA开发了自己的特殊工艺.