Nov 13

What is XG-150?

Just like a perfect chocolate-chip cookie recipe, the ingredients can make all the difference. So DBA’s brake rotors are made with our own proprietary blend of alloys we call XG-150.
Since Disc Brakes Australia has our own foundry, we were able to develop and test numerous material variations before perfecting our cast iron formula. Then we tested it, again and again, adjusting as necessary based on feedback from performance drivers worldwide.

DBA uses XG-150 in all of our 4000 Series, 5000 Series, and HD Series brake rotors to help meet the demands of racing and spirited street driving, as well as the additional load on the braking system during towing situations. The XG-150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron has an increased thermal capacity and is designed specifically to respond to DBA’s TSP heat treatment process that stabilizes the rotor material for increased tolerance to extreme temperatures. This increases the longevity of our rotors, even in the most extreme environments.
Keep an eye out, we’ll be talking about our TSP process in the next few days.